A New Perspective on Mary

Unity in the Body through the Holy Spirit

The heart of this paper comes from my personal passion for the unity of the Church, the advancement of Christ's kingdom and a desire for Christian's to thrive so that they might be in a position to advance the kingdom of God. I want to respond to the amazing paradox that though there are hundreds of thousands of Christians zealous for God's revelation and equally zealous in their desire to apply it, they wind up fighting against each other, rather than fighting against the “forces of darkness” and advancing the kingdom of God.

What do I believe has caused this paradox to exist and what can help solve this paradox? I believe that many Christians do not understand what it truly means to be a Christian and what the Gospel of Christ is (Christ's inaugurated kingdom). Because of these misunderstandings among a large number of the faithful of all three Christian traditions: Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Protestant; false boundary lines are drawn concerning the definition of what a Christian is and hence unneeded ecclesial schism and division is caused. Unfortunately this has resulted in whole ecclesial communities and movements whose primary distinctions are as a result from an ignorance of church history, an over-reaction against theological error, and a lack of hermeneutical and exegetical acumen. No small amount of damage to the Church's ability to advance against the gates of hell has been affected. This paradox of division in the Body of Christ not only has caused great harm to the Church but also in the lives of many Christian families and individuals as well. Many sons and daughters of the Church who have been raised in this context are now disenchanted with the Church and are at odds with her. How can these faith communities advance the kingdom of God when many of their parishioners' lives have been shattered and are in ruin?